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Summer Institute Aug 13th, 2020. 

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Returning, Rebuilding, Renewing:
Adapting Tiered Supports for the New Now


Six – 2 Hour Webinars to Chose From                                        $39.00 Each Webinar, Clock Hours Provided 

Webinar Options:

Supporting Student Engagement & Success: Integrating Trauma Informed Practices with Classroom-based PBIS Strategies

Presented by Cher Anderton, MSW and Bridget Walker, PhD

Returning to school will be a significant event for teachers, students and families in the wake of the COVID Pandemic. Trauma informed practices and PBIS provide powerful frameworks and strategies to help us implement classroom systems that better meet the needs of students, teachers and families who have experienced adverse events and chronic stress during this challenging time. This session will explore how trauma impacts us as human beings and as professionals. We will then identify specific strategies and practices grounded in these frameworks that teachers can use to enhance their classroom systems to maximize the engagement and success of all students in the fall.

Embedding SEL in Academics: In Person or Virtually

Presented by Carol Frodge, M.Ed.

Students need opportunities to practice their Social Emotional Learning (SEL) skills throughout their academic learning.  Creating academic instruction opportunities that target building SEL skills is essential. Don’t leave it to chance! In addition to reviewing the overall framework for SEL skills, this workshop will lead participants through a few (2-3) different academic strategies that can be used to target specific SEL skills during academic instruction.

Incorporating Mental Health into MTSS 

 Presented by Bella Bikowsky, Ph.D. and Maggie Schulze, Ph.D.

This presentation focuses on building awareness around the common mental health challenges in the school setting including anxiety, depression, and executive functioning challenges that impact the learning of students. Interventions will be shared to address these challenges within the MTSS framework as well as data tracking and progress monitoring practices. Learners will walk with a foundational understanding of these mental health challenges listed above, how these challenges impact the schoolhouse on a daily basis, and how to address them using evidenced based practices that are functional and efficient within the MTSS structure.

Relaunching Schools After Covid-19

Presented by Lori Lynass, Ed.D. and Cher Anderton

We all know that the disruption to schools and the lives of staff and students will have an extraordinary impact, so how do we help provide a smooth return to school next year? In this webinar we will cover the systems and practices that schools should consider putting into place, conceptualized within a MTSS framework . We will provide a sample 6 week outline for a strong start and also discuss how to create a similar strong start should school start virtually for you next year.

Academic Seminar: A Tier 2 Intervention for Middle and High Schools

Student’s use of academic self-management skills could not be a more pressing need as we all work to support distance learning. Academic Seminar is a 45-minute daily class designed to address work avoidance behaviors for middle and high school students at risk of poor school outcomes. The curriculum targets teaching, practicing and reinforcing organizational, self-management, and self-advocacy skills.