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Our self-paced online courses, which allow you to learn with your schedule in mind. All self-paced courses contain interactive modules, helpful resources, self-assessments and a certificate of completion. All of our courses provide a one year access to the course materials and the ability to connect with our instructors for questions and follow-up. We also provide clock hours / renewal units in many states and can work with your district to validate our course curriculum and your attendance.


Creating a Trauma Informed Classroom

Trauma and stress impacts learning in schools, but we can create trauma informed environments to build resilience and help mitigate these impacts for K-12 students to enhance their engagement and success, whether teaching in person or in virtual or hybrid contexts.


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Implementing PBIS Tier 1 Virtually

This course will cover the main features of Tier 1 PBIS for the virtual or hybrid setting and how stress, trauma and Covid are impacting PBIS. With videos, presentations and 20 downloadable resources.


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Restorative Justice for the Classroom

This course covers everything you need to start implementing basic Restorative Justice practices for community building and basic problem-solving in your classroom.



Effective and Engaging Online Teaching

In this course you will learn practical knowledge and skills to teach online. We will cover how to setup your digital classroom, the best practices for effective online instruction, how to build community in a virtual environment, and what technologies are most effective for teaching and learning. All in less than 3 hours.


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Counseling During Covid

This course provides counselors with an understanding about the impacts of stress and trauma knowledge about building resilience. We provide ideas from an exemplar counselor on how to coordinate and adjust tier two supports during COVID.



Shoreline Public Schools MTSS/PBIS Online Learning Modules

Welcome to Shoreline Public Schools Training Modules: Understanding Tiered Interventions and Supports (MTSS/PBIS) for Shoreline staff.