Our Focus & Equity Statement

Our Focus:

At Sound Supports K-12 and Associates, we offer customized coaching, technical assistance and training for districts, schools and communities, supporting implementation of all aspects of Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS). We focus on building effective systems, data-based decision-making, evidence-based practices and improving student outcomes. Whether beginning this work or focusing on sustainability we can help. Veteran educators, our consultants have extensive experience supporting district and school teams in systems development and implementation.

Our team approaches MTSS with a culturally responsive, trauma-informed and Restorative Justice (RJ) lens. Related areas of expertise include Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS), social emotional learning (SEL), integrating mental health services, effective instruction and supports for students with intensive academic and/or behavioral needs.

Equity Statement:

Sound Supports K-12 acknowledges that without an intentional focus on creating equity we will continue to perpetuate and deepen inequality. We believe that to truly develop a just, inclusive and equitable world we must dedicate ourselves to dismantling inequitable systems, taking anti-racist actions and empowering marginalized individuals and communities. Therefore, we strive to make equity work central in the supports we offer schools, districts and communities. Through our emphasis on trauma-informed and restorative practices, culturally relevant social-emotional development and education reform, we work to build schools that truly meet the needs of all learners, their families and communities.

We believe that educational justice will be achieved when all students are successful, including our students furthest from educational justice who have been traditionally marginalized, which includes students of color, students from low-income communities, English learners, and students with disabilities.