This presentation was dynamite! Teachers across the state would benefit from following this group.

The presentation team was, as always, GREAT.

This presentation was incredibly powerful. I would love to see so many more professional developments by Lori Lynass and Cher Anderton. They were engaging, knowledgeable, and practical. I left the session and immediately applied some of the strategies.

Loved this presentation and the collaboration that was modeled. These presenters model effective practices, give information in manageable chunks, and support all, no matter where they are… Wish that it was LONGER… this is our challenge now – to think about next steps.

Thank you so much! Very informative and taking back so much valuable materials to help better support our school, my classroom setting and teaching, and most of all our students that need us even more so now with all that they have experienced through this traumatic time.

Middle School Teacher

Thank you for structuring your class in a way that able to work as pairs, in small groups and larger groups. It was very engaging. So grateful for you and the work you do!

Elementary Counselor